Physical Health

We have partnered with TRUTH Gym for bespoke fitness regimes and exclusive rejuvenation programmes. Physical fitness specialists, Cameron and Tony, will provide a bespoke body and lifestyle coaching service which caters to a client’s individual need.

TRUTH Gym uses leading scientifically tested and accredited diagnostic tools and training programmes, alongside a high-level of customer service, which means clients benefit from long-term and sustainable results.

With over 30 years of experience combined in transforming the health of professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders, TRUTH Gym has created a unique formula that helps shred stubborn fat and drop pounds of excess body weight, with the intention of making you look and feel years younger.

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“Brilliant training and diet guidance from smart and dedicated personal trainers. The team are head and shoulders above everyone else I’ve ever trained with… I couldn’t recommend TRUTH more.” - Mark Sammon
“Working with Truth has honestly changed my life for the better. I'm fitter and happier than I've ever been and that has had huge positive transformations in all areas of my life. Cannot recommend more highly.” - Rosie Holden


Truth offer long-term, sustained results based on teaching you how to balance your work and social life, without sacrificing your health, wasting your valuable time and preventing any potential injury.

Achieving results

Result satisfaction is subjective, however, as scientists, we accurately measure and monitor your development throughout the duration of your programme to guarantee results.

Biological Age

Your chronological age only tells part of your the story. Physically, you could be older than you think. The rate at which your body is declining is even more important to your health than how fast the clock is deteriorating.

At Truth, we use cutting-edge technology to inform you of your biological age. This means your results and progress will be transparent. We make sure we can show you hard facts.

One of our moto is to make you ‘look and feel ten years younger’ and we will not stop until you have achieved your ideal body goals. Truth will always ensure you are as healthy on the outside, as you are on the inside.

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