Florentine Heritage, Supreme Craftsmanship, Innovation and Secrets are coming to London at The Devonshire Club.


Welcome to the exquisite world of Gianfranco Lotti

The Lock.

Hides & Treasures Precious Secrets

Unlock Mysteries & Dreams

Guardian of Florences’ Hidden Treasures

Handbag as Secret Treasure Chest Holding Women’s Dreams

And Precious Belongings


This is a unique opportunity for Devonshire Club members to view Gianfranco Lotti luxury handbag collection dedicated to the tradition of high-end Florentine leather goods, to Florence and to its aesthetic values.


Come and enjoy a complimentary glass of prosecco and a fashion show.


Monday 16th December

Cocktail Bar

17:30PM – 9:00PM


To find out more information and add your name to the guest list, please email guestlist@devonshireclub.com